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Accueil du site de Micro Centre Pythagore
Accueil du site de Micro Centre Pythagore
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We are pleased to welcome you on the Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. website. You will find information on this Canadian firm which is associated to technical work execution related to data processing in order to do evaluation in Education or surveys. The firm is also able to run training sessions concerning various aspects mainly related to educational evaluation. 
The "Technical Information option” provides information on the use of this website. 
For several years, Micro Centre Pythagore Inc. has been associated to the development of softwares for the data management collected during the administration of an evaluation of learning. The EduStat software associated to data analysis is a tool helping to achieve educational assessment, survey or research. A section of this site is dedicated to the presentation of EduStat software. You can download the trial version of this software.
A section of this site contains summary information about the EduStat software. It can be accessed from the home window by activating the button on the left of the menu line. It can also be accessed by clicking on this link:
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