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Information on proposed exercises
When you install the evaluation version of EduStat, you will save databases and items banks in the provided folders. We propose six series of exercises that will allow you to experiment several statistical compilation options.
Frequency Distributions
Metric qualities
Frequency distributions can be produced using one or more variables. We propose three frequency exercises to experiment some statistical compilation options.
It is important to check whether a test used to carry out a learning assessment meets the standards guaranteeing quality. We propose three exercises on the docimological qualities of a test in order to experiment certain statistical compilation options.
Processing mean scores
Analysis of opinions
It is possible to make several compilations using the mean scores obtained by students. We propose six exercises that will test the use of several statistical compilation options.
EduStat offers two calculation options related to the analysis of opinions: analysis of surveys and analysis of profiles. We propose two exercises that will test the use of these options.
Items Banks
EduStat includes a series of options for selecting samples. We propose an exercise to test the proposed approach.
EduStat includes an option to prepare tests using databases containing the required information. We propose an exercise that will allow you to produce a test with the help of one or many items banks.